Synthesis Introduction

ConPriDigm AvatarQuality IS… a legacy of applied imagination involving destruction and creation.

Quality IS…a formal language for constructing patterns.

Quality IS…a construct for linking patterns.



While a person may make small improvements by developing new skills, quantum leaps in performance and revolutionary advances in technology require new maps, new paradigms, and new ways of thinking about old problems. – Stephen Covey             

I dedicate this part of my book to cognitive thought, solutions and Abraham Kaplan. Kaplan’s book The Conduct of Inquiry (1964) has had a significant impact regarding the development of my thought process for developing Quality IS – Exposing the DNA and Meaning of Quality.

Since the three chapters in Part Two contain the essence of what makes my book unique; I am providing only background information.  Hopefully, I will spark some interest when and if my book gets published.

First: Why explore the notions of applied imagination, suggested by Alex Osborn, and Destruction and Creation by John Boyd?

As I was endeavoring to persevere, doing research for this book, I became aware of the pertinent insight and knowledge of Alex Osborn and John Boyd. Their ideas and legacy regarding analysis and synthesis would have added significantly to the theoretical basis and organization of my Master’s Thesis. Unfortunately, their work was outside the circle of typical research being done in my field.  Osborn and Boyd clearly explained that knowledge can be concentrated and isolated or it can be taken apart and then reassembled into something new and novel. Their insight represented critical, in some ways impressionistic thinking, which was way ahead of its time. Their thought patterns in the 50’s and 60’s were beacons for systems development and provided a theoretical basis for the creation of a sustainable paradigm. In some circles a sustainable paradigm would be considered oxymoronic, but read on.  Osborn and Boyd would have disagreed.

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