The DNA Connection – Part Two

LOGO FINALQuality IS…a pattern of allied concepts.

Why seek meaning in conceptual fields of knowledge and those allied concepts, principles and paradigms that describe and control them and then connect them with a theory?


DNA provides a detailed set of plans that are manifested in the familiar double helix or DNA strand. Quality DNA strands are principles. The DNA strand is composed of letters, words and sentences that are called genes. The Quality DNA strand is composed of letters, words and sentences called concepts.

Genes contain instructions for making molecules called proteins. Quality genes are manifested in the concepts that are used to describe principles. Genes are the machines that make all living things function.  Genes are instruction manuals for the organism. Concepts are instruction manuals for quality. Although the Quality DNA strand (principle) is the carrier of genetic information (concepts) in a cell (functional organization department), proteins (patterns) do the bulk of the work.

Cells use the information specified in their genes. Each gene in the DNA specifies information about how to make a specific protein. Proteins perform specific functions. For example, the hemoglobin gene creates a protein to capture and carry oxygen. Principle concepts specify information needed to make a specific pattern. Proteins are equivalent to patterns of explanation, with a function that can be traced back to its principle and associated field of knowledge.

DNA cannot make protein without a partner. For example, all genes that specify proteins are first made into an RNA strand.  RNA carries the information contained in the DNA strand out of the nucleus of the cell to the protein assembly machinery called the ribosome. The ribosome complex uses the RNA as a template to synthesize the exact protein specified by the gene.

Quality DNA also needs a partner. All concepts that specify for patterns are first made into synthesized definitions (Quality RNA strands). Quality RNA carries the information specified in principles to the assembly machinery called the Pattern Engine (ribosome). The Pattern Engine uses the synthesized definitions to create the exact pattern specified by the concept. The Pattern Engine is fully explained in chapter seven.


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