In Summation – Understanding Meaning

LOGO FINALQuality IS…a pattern of allied concepts.

Why seek meaning in conceptual fields of knowledge and those allied concepts, principles and paradigms that describe and control them and then connect them with a theory?


 The meaning of the word “Quality” cannot be found in a string of words. It is manifested in a collection of knowledge domains, dominated by a diverse set of authorities, expressed in domain principles, explained by conceptual patterns, and governed by individual and organizational paradigms. Armed with the right ingredients, we can then decide how to best communicate the required components in an acceptable manner. We need a recipe—a theory—grounded in the data, that will provide a foundation for meaning to emerge.

There are several keys for developing an explanation leading to the meaning of quality. First is the existence of fields of knowledge or domains that will form the umbrella. Second, each field of knowledge is governed by a paradigm will be reduced to a simple purpose and five principles. Third, each principle contains a number of concepts that are expanded to form patterns of explanation that can be used to create assumptions, and propositions needed for grounded quality theory. Everything is connected—a unified system of objective relations.

We have discovered conceptual patterns built upon linked and allied concepts. Now it’s time for us to put them in context to promote understanding.  In Chapter Two we will explore the concept of “Theory”, in depth.

Patrick Kelly, MSQA


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