In Summation: Understanding Concepts

LOGO FINALQuality ISan abstract concept.

Why identify the mental glue that secures our past experience?

If the meaning of concepts is understood the meaning of quality will follow.



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This brings us to the end of Chapter 3 – Concepts. Like all the chapters, it is abbreviated from my book. Getting back to the question: Why identify the mental glue that secures our past experience?  According to Gregory Murphy: because concepts are connected to our larger knowledge structures. Our knowledge structures contain all of what we have learned, why it is relevant, and how to apply the knowledge. Our knowledge structure contains the components of our own personal theory about life and all of its isolated components. This blog and eventual book shares my knowledge structure about Quality. You either have one now or are working on it. I hope that you, the reader, is starting to realize just how complex the subject of Quality can be. My book presents the structured knowledge to help you understand the meaning of quality from the perspective of concepts, principles, and paradigms. As we move further into the book we will combine the three to formulate a newly introduced construct that I call the ConPriDigm.  But, I can not reveal all — the book will do that.

In Chapter 4 we will put concepts in context and learn how to identify, analyze and write action driven principles.

Enjoy the following concept map of this chapter.



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