The ConPriDigm and the Hunter

ConPriDigm AvatarQuality IS…a construct for linking patterns.

Why learn that a linked description “does its work not by invoking something beyond which might be described but by putting one fact or law into relation with others.” – Abraham Kaplan

I am a hunter.

The ConPriDigm and resultant theory rely on the existence of Domains. The Domain is the Belgian Congo, the Serengeti and the African Veldt to the hunter which, in turn, depend on the rains of knowledge.

The Domains of preference are redundantly described fields of knowledge related to quality as abstract concepts which cannot be defined.  Just a few examples would be: curriculum theory, waste, variation, control, value, knowledge, and thinking.

The species of interest during our hunt are well hidden due to effective camouflage. The target species is principle. The target is not easy to find because domain environments are burdened with the heat of philosophical approaches that prevent the birth of our species of interest.

I hunt for principles that are concept dense, void of conditional adjectives, set apart with transitive verbs, and enhanced with a correct modal verb, thrown in for clarity.

My vehicle for transport is the lexical definition. Its features are, denotative, and descriptive.

After I have located our principle, the plan of choice for separating it from the herd of ambiguity is Destructive Deduction and Constructive Induction.

My choice of weapon is the decomposed allied concept that is reconstructed to form conceptual patterns.

I aim for trophy principles that have inherited purpose because their genes stem from a sustainable paradigm with a function oriented body of rules.

The ConPriDigm is…

The content of knowledge systematically put together from separate parts in an ordered way.

A standardized example for handling, directing, governing or controlling actions based on a rule or body of rules of conduct.

A body of systematic techniques that result in the action of putting something relevant and of value into operation reached through valid deductive reasoning to achieve a purpose.

Carried out in an orderly, logical arrangement, usually in steps and according to a plan or operation when applied to a specific Knowledge Domain as a function done or the effect that it produces.

An expression of conduct and organizing principles of inquiry as a set of ideas, principles, agreements, or rules that provide the basis and simplified representation for a description of a complex process.

A systematic investigation or search that supports or provides more information on an opinion, theory, or principle.

A guide for a customary way of operation or behavior used in analyzing and solving problems or making predictions that provide the foundation from which something is begun, developed, or explained that makes something comprehensible.

Not founded on proof or certainty but discovers facts, to establish or revise a theory, or to develop a plan of action based the facts discovered that result in knowledge underlying a particular science or other area of study.

Context for a particular action resulting in a method of universal practice and a set of rules and regulations.

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